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Engine oil check

Changing engine oil is an important part of basic car care. Check motor oil on the dipstick to know if you need to add oil to your engine.

An appropriate amount of oil is required for the engine to run properly. Without oil, too little oil or old and worn oil, the engine can be severely damaged or destroyed. The oil is responsible for lubricating all the main components of the engine. The required amount reduces wear and helps reduce the heat generated by the engine. In order to achieve good work, you need to change the oil periodically, and the check helps you know when to add or change the oil.

The oil should be checked regularly to ensure that there is enough oil in the engine and that it is not dirty. It is a good idea to check the oil level approximately once a month, and if the oil level is low, add more oil to the engine. Checking and adding oil is usually a simple operation that most people can do on their own.

Here's how to check the engine oil:

Allow the engine to cool - let the engine cool before you start checking the oil level.

First of all, never check the oil while the engine is hot. It is best to check the oil in the morning before starting the engine, as all the oil will drain back into the oil pan (crankcase). If you have not done this while the engine is cold, allow the engine to cool and drain the oil for at least 10 minutes.

1. The vehicle should be parked on a level surface so that the oil is evenly distributed in the oil pan / crankcase. A car parked on a slope can give false data when measuring.

2. Open the hood, find the oil dipstick - on most vehicles the dipstick is yellow. In a vehicle with front-wheel drive, the measuring rod will be located near the front of the engine, while the measuring rod on a vehicle with rear-wheel drive will be directed towards the middle of the engine.

3. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a cloth or tissue. Put the rod back in the engine all the way, this ensures an accurate measurement, and then pull it out again to inspect the oil film on the measuring rod.

Tip: If your engine needs to be refilled several times before the service interval, this indicates that there is probably a problem with the engine, it should be inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Note: Certain vehicles, especially newer European vehicles, do not use a dipstick. If you cannot find the dipstick, have the service technician measure the oil level. AUTO CENTER ANĐELKOVIĆ has tools for checking the oil level in the engine.

When checking the oil, try to determine the color of the oil - Rub a little oil between your fingers and look at the color. If the oil is black or brown, then this is normal. If the color is a lighter milky color, it may mean that the radiator is leaking coolant into the oil and that repairs are needed.

Note: If you feel hard particles in the oil, it may indicate engine damage or the presence of soot (burnt oil), so you should go to a service center to determine the real fault.

Checking the oil is a painless and easy task that is necessary for proper vehicle maintenance. It is a part of maintenance that most vehicle owners can do with a little effort and that will help you keep your vehicle in good shape.

If you can't come to AUTO CENTAR ANĐELKOVIĆ by yourself, we will be happy to perform a more detailed control of the oil in your engine and recommend which oils and filters to use when changing.

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