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Vehicle manufacturers have predicted that vehicles will perform self-regeneration.

Self-regeneration is performed depending on the kilometers traveled and the DPF filter is dirty, and is controlled by the engine management system (engine computer). The manufacturer has provided that the self-cleaning / regeneration of the exhaust system is performed at a constant speed on the open road.

There are two systems for self-regeneration, one system uses ADBlu liquid which is poured into a special tank on the vehicle and draws liquid from it to perform self-regeneration and another system that uses its own fuel for self-regeneration of DPF filters.

During regeneration, the temperature in the engine and the temperature in the DPF filter are reached, it ranges up to 750 ° C. This increase in temperature is achieved by injecting additional fuel or ADBlu additives and changing the injection time set by the computer.

For this kind of regeneration, it is necessary to create conditions, and that is driving on an open road where you can drive at a constant speed between 2 to 3 thousand rpm. in a period of 20 to 30 minutes in order to properly burn PM particles, oil deposits on the filter as well as other soot.

Of course this cannot be done in an urban / urban environment. Unfortunately, the computer does not choose where you are, whether in an urban environment or on an open road, but when it detects the contamination of the DPF filter, it starts regeneration.




If regeneration starts in a city where these conditions cannot be met, regeneration is interrupted, thus PM 10 particles, oil deposits on the filter as well as other pollutants that were supposed to burn remain in the DPF filter and settle. over time, a large blockage is achieved and there are problems with engine operation as well as environmental pollution.

After 4 to 5 interrupted regenerations started by the control unit (motor computer), the control unit no longer recognizes this error (self-regeneration warning) and then there is an uncontrolled collection of soot particles, oil deposits and increases contamination and thus congestion of DPF filters. Congestion leads to incorrect engine operation and then all the mentioned problems begin.

Forced regeneration

Forced regeneration is caused by a computer, a diagnostic device, simulating the command of a motor computer. In this case, ADBlu fluid or fuel is injected depending on the engine on the vehicle. reaches operating temperature to burn soot and all other deposits of heavy pollutants.

In this way, when the engine is running, very thick black smoke is released from the exhaust system full of all stored pollutants in one place. During the operation of the engine, a huge cloud of black smoke and soot comes out of the exhaust pipe, which soot and toxic substances affect the pollution of the environment.

This method is not recommended to be done because of the engine itself, namely the artificial induction of regeneration on old engines can cause great damage to the engine. During the started regeneration, the engine can enter the ibert.

After this work, there is a possibility that the pistons will melt, the connecting rods will twist, the engine head will crack and great damage will be done. In such cases, the DPF filter is damaged, so it is necessary to take a new one. The new part ranges from 700.00 to 2,000.00 euros, depending on the vehicle, which is a large investment for the repair itself.


Clogged DPF filter

Clogged DPF filter

Engine under forced regeneration

Engine under forced regeneration


Clogged filters running hot

Clogged filters running hot

Clogged filters running hot

Clogged filters running hot



Under no circumstances should you remove the DPF or catalyst filter for the following reasons: 

  • - Removing DPF or filter catalyst loses performance,
  • - By removing the DPF filter there is a high possibility of causing a fault in the turbine, which uses the vacuum created   by the DPF filter.
  • - Driving a car without DPF is prohibited in EU countries due to environmental pollution.
  • - The EURO standard is lost,
  • - According to the new law on technical correctness of vehicles at technical inspection, such a vehicle is treated   as a defective vehicle.
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