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Check if the car has fuel

We are constantly in a hurry somewhere, only a little more is always said about refueling the tank. Then a mishap happens, when the vehicle is most needed, the fuel runs out. In addition to the inconvenience of having to remove the vehicle from the road and leaving children in the vehicle until you bring a bucket of gasoline to keep moving, you have done another problem.

When the engine runs out of fuel, it pulls the sludge out of the tank created by the condensation of water vapor located at the bottom of the tank. The pump pushes the sediment that goes to the nozzles and over time, clogging of the fuel flow through the nozzles is achieved.

Many times the lack of fuel in the vehicle, led the masters in the wrong direction to search for the fault. Unfortunately, many times the vehicle users were left without fuel on the road. A large number of drivers go on the road without enough gasoline in the tank. to great nervousness.

Our recommendation is to always have fuel in the tank above the red line that shows the minimum.

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