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Coolant replacement

The coolant (antifreeze) should be changed every three (3) to four (4) years, depending on the use. After that, the antifreeze loses its properties such as: boiling point, freezing of the liquid from -10 degrees as well as poor lubrication of the system.

When using the vehicle, various malfunctions in the cooling system are possible, on which occasion the light on the instrument panel lights up, which indicates that the engine is overheating. There are various ignition factors for the engine overheating lamp, such as:

  • liquid (antifreeze) is missing in the system,
  • a hose leaks fluid,
  • loose V-belt driving the water pump,
  • fan switch defective,
  • thermostat defective,
  • faulty fan motor, etc.….

Recommendation, when the engine rises to a high temperature, never touch the expansion vessel cap, if you open the plug the pressure in the cooling system can break out in the form of steam and hot liquid and cause you large burns. and check for fluids, if you are able to start the engine just in case take the vehicle to a mechanic to determine or rectify the fault. It can erupt in the form of steam and hot liquid and cause you large burns. After a good self-cooling of the engine, slowly open the cap from the container and check if there is liquid, if you manage to start the engine, take the vehicle to the mechanic just in case.

We are replacing the coolant (antifreeze) with a special machine. The machine works on the vacuum system, during vacuuming the complete liquid is extracted from the system. On that occasion, all joints on the hoses and the porosity of the hose itself are checked.



Coolant testing


Coolant replacing
Coolant replacing
Coolant replacing machine
Coolant replacing machine

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