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Brake discs and drums machining

Be sure to inspect discs and drums each time you replace discs or discs. The surface of the disc or drum must be flat and undamaged to allow the plate / pads to adhere well and together to achieve a good, safe and even braking force. If it is found that the disc / drum has irregularities on its brake surface, caused by the wear of the plate / pads and improper consumption of the same, we must proceed as follows.

Since we have documentation for all manufactured discs / drums with maximum and minimum measures, we make a decision and give a recommendation. If the damaged disk / drum is between these two measures, then we perform processing, and if it leaves the measure, we recommend replacement. If the discs / drums are unevenly worn and we have the ability to align (process) them, we will proceed as follows:

  • Check the thickness of the disc or the maximum width of the drum so that they can align (process) the brake surface
  • If there is room to perform processing (alignment) of the brake surface, proceed to processing with a quality machine for alignment (processing) of the disc / drum
  • We recommend the alignment (processing) of old discs / drums for a very important reason, which is additional heat treatment during the exploitation of the material, which results in better hardness of the material.

During alignment (processing), we get an ideally flat brake surface and the correct fit of the brake assembly, thus avoiding vibrations on the brake pedals and achieving quality braking force.


The service has adequate machines and tools to do this job as professionally as possible. After replacing or repairing defective and worn parts, place the vehicle on the rollers and measure the braking forces.


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