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Dirty interior of the engine, the result of carbon deposits is a great threat to the performance of your engine!

Carry out decarbonization of the engine in our service with the latest cleaning method


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Using our hydrogen decarbonization machine, a technician at our carbon cleaning center will remove almost all the accumulated carbon within 30 to 90 minutes depending on the engine’s cubic capacity and it will work like new.

The carbon cleaning machine has an outstanding cleaning capacity. This advanced technology, developed over many years, achieves superior results. Hydrogen is injected through the air intake pipes, burning up to 75% of the carbon deposits that prevent the good operation of your engine.

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The bow automatically controls the pulsed flow of hydrogen. As you saw in the video, the DECARBONIZATION machine is fast, efficient and completely autonomous.

Tip, for best results, we recommend that you go for 25 to 30 minutes of low-speed driving (above 3000 rpm) after the carbon cleaning treatment to remove the remaining carbon from the exhaust.

Keep your engine in good condition, as a preventive measure, do DEACARBONIZATION of your engine every 15,000 km or once a year.

Why does the engine get dirty?


The deposition of carbon deposits is caused by the poor release of unburned carbon. Traffic jams constant stop and go mode, slow driving due to legal speed limits, driving at low speeds to save fuel, fuel quality as well as environmental law. These are important items that affect the pollution inside the engine , its injection elements and the complete exhaust system.

The effect of this use of the vehicle is carbon deposits which are deposited directly on: spark plug tips, nozzles / injectors, valves, piston foreheads as well as around the piston links, exhaust channels in the cylinder head, EGR valve, turbocharger (turbine), exhaust manifold and DPF blockage / FAP and filter catalyst.


In the past, it was much easier for drivers, they solved engine congestion by going out on the highway in order to get rid of soot (carbon deposits) at higher speeds and enable the engine to work better.

However, this is no longer possible given modern traffic regulations for road safety.

Keep your engine in good condition, as a preventive measure, do DEACARBONIZATION of your engine every 15,000 km or once a year.


Give your engine the good cleaning it deserves using our state-of-the-art decarbonization machine, CARBON CLEANING.

How does cleaning work?

The engine decarbonization machine is easy to use, fast, efficient and completely autonomous. It automatically controls the flow of hydrogen.

The decarbonization machine allows the combustion temperature to be raised to initiate pyrolysis, essentially a chemical reaction used to burn, decompose and remove carbon deposits. To start cleaning, plug the machine into the mains, install the hydrogen gas hose (HHO-Hydrino) by removing the air filter cover and placing the hose directly into the air intake manifold. We will set the timer to a certain cleaning time, the time will vary depending on the level of soiling and the volume (cubic capacity) of the engine and start burning carbon.

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During the decarbonization process, the engine should be idling. During decarbonization, black and white smoke comes out of the exhaust system (exhaust). This shows us that the cleaning process is ongoing. When the engine stops emitting dirty smoke from the exhaust system, the cleaning is completed. After cleaning, the engine should be spilled out, ie add gas between 2500-3000 rpm several times to expel more dirty gas.

Finally, for best results, we recommend that you go for a 25 to 30 minute low-speed drive (above 3000 rpm) after the carbon cleaning treatment to remove the remaining soot from the exhaust.

Keep your engine in good condition, as a preventive measure, do DEACARBONIZATION of your engine every 15,000 km or once a year.

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Iako ga ima puno u svemiru, vodonik je gas koji se obično nalazi u kombinaciji sa drugim atomima, najčešće kao element u vodi, nafti i prirodnom gasu. Vodonik se smatra energetskim vektorom, koji se uglavnom koristi u industriji, preradi hemikalijama. U današnje vreme na vodonik se gleda kao na potencijal koji ima veliku ulogu za životnu sredinu u budućem energetskom pejzažu. Vodonik ima vrlo visoku gustinu energije, tj. u sebi sadrži puno energije u maloj masi.

Učešče vodonika u procesu sagorevanja

Učešče vodonika u procesu sagorevanja

Vodonik se odlikuje velikom reaktivnošću i brzinom sagorevanja čak pet puta većom od goriva. Doduše, vodonik ima širi opseg zapaljivosti od ostalih goriva. Zbog ovih karakteristika, dodavanje čak i male količine vodonika u smešu gorivo-vazduh povećava brzinu sagorevanja.

Mnoge kvantitativne i eksperimentalne studije rađene o uticaju dodavanja vodonika u motore sa unutrašnjim sagorevanjem (na bazi benzina ili dizela) došle su do zajedničkog zaključka da:

  • smanjuje trajanje procesa sagorevanja
  • povećava toplotnu efikasnost
  • sagoreva, raspada se i uklanja naslage ugljenika

Save money decarbonize your engine


The cheapest option, without the need to dismantle and keep in service for a long time, and which is an alternative to replacing parts, is decarbonization with a suitable carbon cleaning machine. This service acts as a preventive treatment, it is recommended every 15,000 km, it can also solve existing problems in the engine.

By cleaning the interior of the engine, the decarbonization system successfully solves major problems caused by soot deposits, extends the service life of parts affected by soot deposits. By decarbonization we achieve:

  • Removal of carbon deposits
  • Reduction of engine noise
  • Restore compression in the engine cylinders
  • Better revs and more lively engine operation
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Quality exhaust emissions

AUTO CENTER ANĐELKOVIĆ, with quality devices and machines, gives you the opportunity to restore strength and good condition to your pet without buying new parts.


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