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Major service

When there is an ignition timing on the engine, with a chain and sprockets, there is no exact mileage for a large service to replace it. Usually these engines cover a lot of mileage without a lot of service. masters to decide when to replace the chain with sprockets.

When doing a large service on a motor with a chain, the complete gear set (chain with sprockets, spanners and rollers), water pump and belt belts are changed.

Please note that these engines also have belts that drive the water pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor, etc.… Be sure to change these belts on the recommendation of the manufacturer or master who maintains your vehicle, and most after 120,000 or 90,000 km. from the purchase of a new vehicle and later that replacement period is done in a shorter period.

Engines with timing belt ignition, replacement is performed depending on the vehicle manufacturer and the given model, the first major service is done between 120,000 or 90,000 km. And the next at 90,000 or 60,000 km. Then the gear belt set and the duct set belt), water pump (water pump) and alternator pulley and antifreeze.

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Of course, you can bring parts on your own, but in that case we don't give warranty

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